Sync your PDA with Outlook when you're on the move

Using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, RoadSync provides secure, wireless and direct push synchronization of e-mail, calendar, contacts and attachments. Designed to replace the built-in wireless capabilities of ActiveSync, RoadSync offers the same synchronization options plus Exchange Server 2003 SP2 features like: Direct Push, Remote Wipe, Global Address List Lookup and IT Policy Enforcement.

Similar to the Messaging Security and Feature Pack (MSFP) for Windows Mobile 5, RoadSync now adds support to Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices such as the popular HP iPAQ 6515, Samsung i830 and Audiovox 5600.

As the first and only independent software vendor to license the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, DataViz is committed to extending this technology to reach Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices, thus providing businesses and professionals the ability to further maximize their Exchange Server investments without having to purchase new devices.



RoadSync 2.007